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YourBeachButler expedites the shopping process with MyShoppingList and SpeedLists functions.

MyShoppingList feature provides simple management of weekly grocery shopping by allowing you to create and maintain a personalized list of the items that you purchase on a regular basis. MyShoppingList allows you with one click to add the items on the list to your cart before or after you have selected anything additional that you may need.  Adding, deleting or just not selecting an item on your list for a particular shopping trip is easy.

YourBeachButler can automatically create a shopping list for you from your first order.  Before you finish the checkout process, you will be asked if you would like to turn this order into your shopping list.  Simply select "yes" and see how quick and easy your future shopping becomes.  Most clients agree that this is the best way to start your shopping list.

SpeedLists are excellent guidelines for clients shopping for their vacation needs.  These lists have been generated with your specific situations in mind.  Just click on any list and you have the ability to purchase the entire package or tailor it to suit your specific needs.  for more info about each SpeedList...