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  • YourBeachButler guarantees total satisfaction with your entire order and our services.

  • If any item or service that we provide does not meet your expectations, we will replace the item or credit your account.

  • YourBeachButler is committed to the highest standards of service.  Making your vacation or free time more convenient is our mission.   


  • A shopping fee of 20% of your total grocery bill will be added to all orders. The shopping fee is not applied to services provided by YourBeachButler or any of our speciality partners.

  • A delivery fee of $20.00 will be added to your bill.

  • YourBeachButler accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card

  • Local shoppers may pay by personal check after setting up an account.

  • Local service rates are available to weekly and bi-monthly customers. Contact us for more information about these savings.


  • Many of our items our priced according to market conditions. Customers will be billed the current market price as of the week of their delivery. All prices are updated in our store on Monday for deliveries through the following Sunday. If any substantial price increase exists from your original order, we will notify you of the situation and allow you to determine if the difference is acceptable.

  • Many items are priced by the pound. YourBeachButler will come as close as possible to your order weight. Be assured, you will be charged only for the exact amount that you receive.

  • YourBeachButler only selects the freshest and the finest. If an item that you have ordered is unavailable or not up to the quality that our customers deserve and expect, we will make every attempt to find a reasonable substitution.


  • YourBeachButler accepts orders up to 48 hours prior to delivery. Rush orders are available. For rush service contact us at (850) 650-1441.

  • There is no minimum order. However, the minimum shopping fee is $15.

  • If you have made any special requests for items not found in our store, YourBeachButler will contact you one (1) week prior to delivery to let you know the status of all of your special requests.


  • YourBeachButler will deliver and put away your orders in your rental unit before you arrive. Most Resort management companies will need your permission for us to provide this pre-arrival service. Some companies do not allow for this service. In certain situations, due to the turn around time needed by your Resort Company to prepare your unit, we will not be able to provide pre-arrival service.

  • YourBeachButler guarantees that we will have your groceries delivered to you within 3 hours of your arrival and check-in or we will waive our delivery fee.

  • If you are unable to receive your delivery within our 3 hour window, YourBeachButler will make arrangements to deliver at your earliest possible convenience.

  • YourBeachButler can arrange for pre-arrival delivery service to private homes. Contact us to make the necessary arrangements.


  • You may cancel your order up until 48 hours prior to delivery at no cost to you.

  • In the chance that you do not cancel within this period, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the bill minus the delivery fee.


  • After you submit your order, you will receive an email confirmation with an initial estimate of your order.  

  • Your credit card or account will be charged on the day of delivery. This allows your final bill to accurately reflect your order and any additional services which you may have requested.

  • You will receive a copy of your final bill in your welcome package that contains other promotional material for you and your family to take advantage of while on your vacation.

  • We have found that the total of the final bill rarely differs more than a few dollars from your initial confirmation total.  Again, if any substantial discrepancy exists, we will contact you immediately and allow you to determine if the difference is acceptable.


  • Verification of age, 21 for alcohol and 18 for tobacco products, is mandatory. If someone of age is not present, delivery of alcohol or tobacco will not take place. These items can be deducted from your bill or delivered at a later time.  If you have pre-arrival delivery service, prior verification of age is possible. We will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.