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YourBeachButler has tried to make your online experience with us as easy as possible.  If you have any experience with online shopping, you may want to quickly scan these instructions.  Experienced shoppers should be able to easily navigate our site.  For those that feel they need a little help, these instructions are for you.


There are nine sections or pages that make up the bulk of YourBeachButler. If you are reading this you have obviously selected the "Instructions" portion of our site and well, we hope that we don't have to explain the purpose of or how to use this section.


The home page, or "Home" on the menu is a brief introduction to YourBeachButler and the services we provide as well as a portal to the different areas of  YourBeachButler.


The "Store" area of YourBeachButler is far and away the largest and most detailed section of the site.  When entering this "Store", you will see the store navigation bar with all the main aisles, or categories, at the top of the page.  Just click on the aisle you want to shop and go.   Within each aisle you will find categories and perhaps some sub categories depending on the extent of the particular aisle or category.

  • Navigating the Store - At each level you can either continue forward to the item/s that you are shopping for, select another category or sub category within the current aisle, return to previous levels within the aisle or choose a new store level aisle.  On the left side of your page are the categories and sub category choices of the aisle that you are currently in.  You can move around your current aisle by clicking on any of these and going to a product page.  You can continue to shop in the current main aisle by selecting other categories on the left side of your page or you can return to higher level categories within the aisle by either clicking the back arrow of your browser or by using the tree at the bottom of the product page.  Some categories may actually have a second page of items.  You will see a listing of any additional pages at the bottom of the first twenty items.  At all times while in the store section you have the capability of using "Search" to locate items.  Some people find that taking this extra step makes finding a particular item/s easier.  Remember to imagine the store as you would your local grocery store, YourBeachButler has set up our store with your convenience and your previous shopping experience in mind.

  • Selecting an Item - When you have arrived at a page that has an item/s that you would like, there are a two ways for you to add them to you shopping cart.  An item has a quantity scroll box, the name of the item, a summary description of size and/or packaging and the item price.  Select the quantity of a single or multiple items on that page that you would like to add to your cart and click on the "add to order" button at the top or bottom of the product list. You can also add an item to your car by clicking on the item itself.  This will take you to a screen with just that particular item and you can click add to order at that point.  A hint: the first way is easier.  Some items have a selection scroll box with packaging choices (different sizes) or flavors choices underneath the item name.  You must make a selection in this box or nothing will be added to you cart, even if you select a quantity and add the item to your order.  If you do forget, as you view your order you will see this choice highlighted in red.  You will be able to make the necessary correction at that time.  After you have added one or multiple items from a page to your cart, you will aotumaticlly be brought back to the main aisle for that category.

  • Special Requests - At the top of the product list on every page is a special request button for that category.  Click the button which will bring up the special request page for that category.  Type your request in the box provided, being as specific as possible, and click the add to order button.  The request is added to your order and YourBeachButler will contact you as soon as possible regarding the status of your request.

  • Shopping Cart - YourBeachButler keeps all your items in the shopping cart which you can view at all times on the right side of the screen.  We recommend that if you would like to view your items and also have the ability to make any changes that you simply click on the "checkout" button.  If you make any changes, just click the "update order" button and return to shopping by clicking the "continue shopping" link.


When you are ready, click on "checkout" button.  Again you have the ability to view and edit the items in your cart.  When you have done so click the "proceed to checkout" button.

  • Register/Visitor Information Selection - This screen allows returning customers to log in and new clients to register.  You do not have to register to continue, however you will be entering much of the same information for your billing and delivery so we do recommend registering at this time.You will also need to select  one of three choices for your visitor status.  This is necessary to ask you the correct questions for billing and delivery.

  • Delivery/Billing Information - YourBeachButler prompts you for all the necessary information depending on your visitor status.  For those clients that are visiting, Rental Management information is important especially if you would like pre-arrival service.

  • Confirm Checkout - Please make sure all your information is correct.  To edit any mistakes just click the "back" button to return to information forms.

  •  Payment Options - Just enter your information and click next<

  • Shopping List - If you are a first time customer, YourBeachButler will ask if you would like to create a personalized shopping list from your order.  We highly recommend selecting "yes" which will only speed up any future transactions.  When you return a second time you will see how easy the MyShoppingList feature makes the whole process.

    If you are a returning customer, YourBeachButler will ask if you would like to add the items in your cart that are not already on your shopping list to your list.  Either select all by choosing "yes", select individual items for only those that you want add to your regular list or none by selecting "no".  In all three cases click the "add to shopping list" button to continue.

  • Order Confirmation - Your order with a confirmation number will appear.  In many cases the total cost of your order is only a close initial estimate.  You may have sent a special request for an item that has yet been added to the total, an item you have selected may not be available, you will only pay the exact amount for items that you purchased by the pound or you may also be taking advantage of concierge or other convenience services.  In any number of instances you will receive a final copy of your bill with your delivery and if any substantial difference between your initial estimate and final bill exists, YourBeachButler will contact you for final approval.

Concierge Services

Fill out the concierge form by selecting any activities that you would be interested in YourBeachButler setting up for you upcoming trip.  Type in as many specifics as you like in the space provided for you.  YourBeachButler will contact you by phone or email to help you arrange your itinerary.


YourBeachButler has simplified shopping for our repeat clientele with MyShoppingList.

  • Creating a Shopping List - As you check out after your first shopping experience, YourBeachButler asks if you would like to create a personal shopping list based on the items in your cart.  By selecting "yes" YourBeachButler automatically creates your list.

  • Purchasing from MyShoppingList - Click on "MyShoppingList" button on the main menu, log in and purchase all of the items on your list by clicking "add to order".  The default setting is for all items on your list to be selected.  If you do not wish to purchase all the items on your list during a particular shop, uncheck the box next to the item/s you do not want and click "add to order" to purchase all the others.  Those items that you did not chose to purchase will remain on your list.

  • Editing "MyShoppingList" - Click the "My Shopping List" button on the main menu.  Click the "edit MyShoppingList" link.  You remove items you no longer want by clicking the corresponding "delete" link.  To update the quantity of an item/s on your list change all the quantities in the scroll boxes next to the items and click the "update quantity" button at the bottom of your list.  To add new items to your list you can  click on the "Browse Items" link and when you find items just click "add to list".  However the at the end of each shop, YourBeachButler allows you to add all, some or none of the items that you have just purchased that are not already on your list.  This is far and away the best way to add items.

Service Terms

The service terms are the policies by which YourBeachButler operates and should be read before your first shopping experience.  They may answer a number of questions that you have regarding the service that YourBeachButler provides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This is a list of the most often asked questions regarding YourBeachButler with answers.

Contact Us

Feel free to call or email with any specific questions so YourBeachButler can ensure your experience with us is second to none.

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