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Do I have to order on line?

Although ordering on line is probably the most convenient method, YourBeachButler will gladly take your order by phone, fax or mail.

What if I want a particular brand, size or item that is not offered?

Just type the details of any item into a request box and when YourBeachButler receives your request we will let you know as soon as possible if we are able to fulfill it.

How do my groceries get delivered and stocked in my rental unit before I arrive?

Some rental management companies allow this service for your convenience and some do not. If you are staying in a unit that allows for pre-arrival service, YourBeachButler will let you know that we can provide this service and when you arrive your order will already be stocked in your unit.  If YourBeachButler is unable to deliver pre-arrival, we will schedule with you a convenient time for your delivery.

How do I use the concierge services?

To take advantage of concierge services, either fill in the concierge services request box at the bottom of the concierge services page and YourBeachButler will call you or you can call YourBeachButler. Either way our knowledgable staff will help you plan all the activities and book all the services that you will need to make your vacation unforgettable.

How much does it cost to take advantage of YourBeachButler's concierge services?

YourBeachButler has four levels of concierge service.  PLATINUM service is provided at no charge to clients spending at least $300 dollars in groceries. GOLD service is provided at a $20 dollar flat fee for clients spending at least $150 dollars. For those clients that spend less than $150 dollars in groceries SILVER service is provided at a $30 dollar flat fee. BRONZE service is for clients that would like to use the concierge service only, there is a $40 flat fee.